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Blue Cayman SV In Action

Cayman Sv?

The Cayman SV is a highly modified version of the Porsche Cayman sports car, known for its enhanced performance and thrilling driving experience.


Created by SVP, the Cayman SV offers a range of power upgrades, including:

  • Tuned engines (turbo+supercharged)

  • Fully adjustable suspension

  • Limited-slip differential

  • Custom exhaust system

  • Lightweight wheels

  • Composite rear hatch


These modifications, combined with a weight reduction of 150kg compared to a standard Cayman S, result in improved cornering, acceleration, and a thunderous engine sound.


The latest iteration is the Cayman SV.2! 

Utilizing the 987.2 platform with additional aerodynamic enhancements and the PDK gearbox, The Cayman SV aims to be a versatile car that offers both exhilarating performance on the track and comfort for everyday driving.


SVP offers customization options, allowing owners to choose the extent of modifications they desire, from suspension upgrades to a full kit or a powerful 3.9-liter track-focused version.


Cayman SV Wheel With Red Caliper

SV Handling Package:

  • KW/SVP Competition suspension and SV geometry setup     (Track,Road or Race)

  • GT3 Suspension Components

  • Lightweight wheels and performance tyres

  • Updated brake pads and optional larger disc kit

  • Braided brake lines and fluid

  • Optional rear spoiler

Interior Of Cayman SV

SV Competition Package:

  • Seats and harness

  • Harness bar

  • Lightweight battery

  • OMP steering wheel

  • Front and rear towing eyes

  • Optional fire suppression system

  • Optional traction and stability control

  • Limited slip differential

Exhaust Of Cayman SV

SV Power Package:

  • Custom SV exhaust system

  • Performance air intake

  • IPD GT3 82mm throttle body kit

  • Optional ECU remap

Steering Wheel Of Cayman SV

SV.2 PDK Gearbox Package:

  • Geartronics custom paddle shift conversion

  • Gearbox service and overhaul

  • PDK recalibration

  • Limited slip differential


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