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Ferodo DS2500 FCP5262H




Toyota Yaris GR



  • Consistent (medium) coefficient of friction up to all but the highest temperatures
  • Low noise / low dusting
  • Long pad life
  • Kind on discs
  • Race pedal feel


The Ferodo DS2500  is a suitable compound for use on the road as they work from lower temperatures. 


  • Race Road, Track day & light race use for all vehicle types
  • Road style refinement - low noise
  • Ability to withstand heat with good pad life and friction coefficient.
  • Average friction coefficient of 0.42 over working temperature range of 20°-500°C


Therefore making this pad a great match for our range of Alcon discs.

Ferodo DS2500 FCP5262H Rear Brake Pads for Toyota Yaris GR

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